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Letter of Recommendation

William “Bill” Braddock
63 Appaloosa Avenue
St. Augustine, Florida 32095 – 7413 904-891- 1839
October 7, 2017

Dear Sir or Madam:

Karen Murray joined our organization in November of 2005. While she reported to various executives
during this period, she and I interacted regularly until my retirement in May of 2015.
Like many other credit unions, 121 Financial Credit Union tried in the 90’s and 00’s to become more effective in its sales efforts, with mixed results. Shortly after Karen was employed, she became our go to person relating to our sales activities. Karen was significant in the formulation of the program, conveying what we wanted done to the staff(including higher-ups), formulating and overseeing our training in that area, and development and monitoring of metrics and relating results to overall member satisfaction.
Probably most important, she had the smarts and moxie to overcome the occasional staff pushback.

Probably few, if any credit unions are completely happy with their sales program(s); but, I can tell you that Karen Murray was the driver in taking our organization from an average sales function to a good one. Accordingly, I can wholeheartedly recommend her to any organization seeking help to move forward and improve in this area. She has the experience and basic skill set to be successful in this realm with proper support from the executive level management of the organization.